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It's Time to Save Time

Be honest. You like being overwhelmed at work. You’re busy, and it shows!  You dig that stress-fueled rush of not having enough hours in the day, that anxiety of never getting anything 100% completed to the best of your ability. You LOVE waking up in a cold sweat from that dream where you’re at a presentation and you haven’t prepared or practiced enough. 

Wait, that’s not you? Then why are we still, as my friend Ted Bauer says, “worshiping at the altar of busy?” 

It seems like sometimes people do enjoy talking about how busy they are at work, because maybe it makes their days seem like they matter. Or maybe that’s just a default of the all-consuming battle of trying for work/life balance, which probably doesn't even exist much anymore, for most people. Now that we don’t even have offices or co-working spaces to go to, work has seeped into our mealtimes, our bathroom breaks (sanitize your phone, friends), and our sacred sleeping spaces.

I’m not saying that people who talk about being aren’t busy, well, not exactly. People seems to be drowning in work-like things. I think people are actually busy with things that they shouldn’t be busy with, leaving their all important ‘real work’ to all-nighters or precious sunny weekends behind a computer. This is true of workers at all levels, and especially true of CEO’s and Marketing Managers/Directors. They waste precious time over-editing social media post, deciding on and re-writing to do-lists and strategy items, and spending so much damn time in meetings. When the full day is filled with revising these tasks, there’s no time to spend on the real mission, vision and values of the business. 

An easy fix to this is to hire an outside expert. As a freelance writer and marketing strategist, I work with leaders who have decided they just do not have enough time in the day to micromanage another employee or to write another to-do list.  People have hired me because they know I don’t need hand-holding, because I can narrow-in on what exactly they need done. I take a chunk of work off their plate so that they can focus on the bigger purpose, vision, and team. 

If you’re looking to hire a strategist, freelance writer or consultant, the best way to do that is here, on LinkedIn. A benefit to hiring a consultant here is that they probably aren’t seeking full time employment (read: benefits) from you. You can speak to them in confidence about your challenges and goals, and send them off to do exactly what you need. The consultant or freelancer gets the benefit of zeroing in on a project, and helping your company thrive because they have an outside perspective. Networking has never been easier, either. If you find somebody you like online, connect with them and start asking how they can help you become less busy...that is, if you really want that time back.  The working world has changed so drastically in the past few months, it's hard to remember what it was like before all of this remote-working madness. But in the past few years, I’ve seen an even more dramatic shift of leadership development moving towards something even more monumental. Some innovative leaders are taking a little of that precious time to seek out and hire a freelancer or consultant to help them write content, develop strategy, use tools and leverage the best of their employees. The experts have the freedom and ability to focus on one specific project, using all of their tools to leave you with an excellent product, strategy and implementation.

This frees you, the leaders and managers, to do the work you crave to do anyway, the stuff that made you leaders in the first place. 

If you’re tired of trying to do it all with no breaks, and don't feel like doing it all is fun anyway, you’re not alone. And there are solutions that actually give time back to you. A handful of excellent professionals who can help you with your specific needs, who can stay with your team for a while, streamline your processes, and make your business a better place to work are out there waiting to help you. 

Did I mention they give you the chance to have more time to do what you want, take technology-free bathroom breaks, and a chance to build your business and profit by using your personal strengths? That too. 

Let’s talk about how I can help you get back that precious time. If we’re not a right fit, there are more people in my network that I can introduce to you. Let’s get those precious minutes, hours, days back, so you can do exactly what it is you are called to be doing.

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